Supplemental insurance

You have the option of taking out additional insurance to avoid any damage during the transport of your goods. For this, we have developed two types of insurance.

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Supplemental insurance

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Additional “travel” insurance

All carriers need civil liability coverage in order to be covered against possible damages. Thus, your goods are automatically covered by a trucker's civil liability up to a maximum of CHF 11.00 per kg. If you wish to be fully covered, we can offer you the possibility of subscribing to additional insurance. This all-risk insurance allows you to cover damage and losses suffered during the entire transport phase. If required, Martin Transports can therefore take out a "travel" policy which will allow you to benefit from full compensation for any damage. The insurance premium will be based on the value of the goods that you will want to communicate when you request an offer.

Supplementary insurance for regular transport

You can also take out an insurance policy that covers all of your supplies and/or shipments for a given year. This is the solution commonly chosen by large companies that have to transport goods regularly. The all-risk insurance covers any damage, with the exception of those expressly excluded, such as a hidden defect or a lack of packaging, for example. This policy can even plan to cover all of the company's transits without declaration, without exception, in order to provide maximum security. The contribution is then calculated on revenue. A deductible mechanism can be put in place, thus making it possible to keep the contribution low.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your goods are automatically covered by trucker liability up to CHF 11 per kg. If you subscribe to our All-Risk supplementary insurance, the costs vary depending on if the transit is national or international:
National transport: 0.08% of the value of the goods, plus the value of transport and customs
International transport: 0.14% of the value of the goods plus the transport and customs value All All-Risk insurance is at least CHF 40.

Specialized in the field of national and international transport since 1948, our skills and experience allow us to provide a wide range of services:

  • Swiss national and international transport : Specialized in international transport between Switzerland and Italy and vice versa, we offer solutions every day to transport your services in the entire Europe.
  • Transport in partial and full loads : We offer transport services in partial and full batches, nationally and internationally.
  • Transport express : We offer an express transport service that adapts to your needs. From small parcels to large batches, we put the ideal vehicle at your disposal.
  • Groupage : Our network of reliable partners allows us to offer you services efficient in groups.
  • Pallet exchange : On request, we have the possibility of exchanging pallets empty in Switzerland and also in Italy.
  • Transport exceptionnel : We offer a transport service for oversized goods in width, length and weight.
  • Transport of dangerous goods (ADR) : Our team is trained and authorized to transport dangerous goods in order to best meet your needs.
  • Goods insurance : On request, we can take out insurance supplement that will allow you to benefit from full compensation for any damage.
  • Customs formalities : we take care of the management of export formalities and of importation which can go as far as the payment of VAT and import taxes.

Our team is here to advise you

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions regarding the shipment of your goods!

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