Full trucks

At Martin Transports, we transport your shipments in full trucks. Whether you are a business or an individual, our drivers are committed to respecting delivery times. By entrusting us with your goods, you benefit from a high quality national and international transport service.

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Full trucks

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How does full truckload transport work?

If you choose the full truck transport solution, our truck will be entirely dedicated to your goods, unlike partial truck transport where your shipment mobilizes only part of the vehicle. Your shipment therefore fills the entire vehicle, by its size on the floor, its volume or its weight, if the maximum load limit is reached. In full batches, the truck carries out the transport directly to the recipient without additional stops or detours. This service is available for your shipments over 10,000 Kg. In this way, for your shipments in full batches, we provide you with the necessary logistics to transport your goods in complete safety. We take care of all the steps, from planning to delivery.

The advantages of full truckload transport

Transporting goods in full trucks allows customers to take advantage of many advantages:
Fast fix: Trucks make fewer stops during the trip. The driver in charge of your transport will be exclusively dedicated to the delivery of your goods from point A to point B.
Cost saving solution: The entire truck is used allowing for maximum optimization of transport for you at a competitive cost.
Particularly suitable for large or bulky loads
Ideal if you prefer not to share the truck trailer: Full truckload transport is the best solution if you transport chemicals, fresh produce or fragile loads such as glass panels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The delivery time of your goods depends on the transport solution you choose. With a full truck, the lead times are shorter than with a partial truck since the driver does not make any detours. You will therefore receive your goods in a full truckload within 1 to 2 days.

Specialized in the field of national and international transport since 1948, our skills and experience allow us to provide a wide range of services:

  • Swiss national and international transport : Specialized in international transport between Switzerland and Italy and vice versa, we offer solutions every day to transport your services in the entire Europe.
  • Transport in partial and full loads : We offer transport services in partial and full batches, nationally and internationally.
  • Transport express : We offer an express transport service that adapts to your needs. From small parcels to large batches, we put the ideal vehicle at your disposal.
  • Groupage : Our network of reliable partners allows us to offer you services efficient in groups.
  • Pallet exchange : On request, we have the possibility of exchanging pallets empty in Switzerland and also in Italy.
  • Transport exceptionnel : We offer a transport service for oversized goods in width, length and weight.
  • Transport of dangerous goods (ADR) : Our team is trained and authorized to transport dangerous goods in order to best meet your needs.
  • Goods insurance : On request, we can take out insurance supplement that will allow you to benefit from full compensation for any damage.
  • Customs formalities : we take care of the management of export formalities and of importation which can go as far as the payment of VAT and import taxes.

Our team is here to advise you

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions regarding the shipment of your goods!

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