• +41 (0)27 451 80 80
  • info@martin-transports.ch
  • Lu – Ve 7.30h - 18.00h
  • ADR – Transport of dangerous goods

  • Martin Transports has the necessary authorizations for the transport of dangerous goods.
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  • Exceptional transport

  • Exceptional transport is the transport of cargo that is exceptionally wide, long or heavy.
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  • Express transport

  • Express transport is adapted to your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
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  • Palett exchange

  • We are able to exchange empty EUR pallets in Italy (service on request).
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  • Customs

  • Martin Transports handles the export and import formalities, including the payment of VAT and import taxes for customers who do not have a customs account. This offer is reserved for customers domiciled in Switzerland.
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  • Supplementary insurance

  • On request, Martin Transports offers a “per trip” policy which allows you to benefit from full compensation for any damage. The insurance premium will be based on the value of the merchandise that you are asked to declare at the time of your inquiry.

    For regular transport:

    You can take out an insurance policy that covers all your supplies and/or shipments for a given year. This is the solution commonly used by large companies. This policy can even provide for the coverage of all company flows without declaration and without exception in order to provide maximum security. The contribution is then calculated on the basis of turnover. A deductible mechanism can be set up, thus making it possible to reduce the contribution.

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